Hello Claudia, can you introduce yourself and talk a little about your background ?

I graduated with a Master II in Human Resources Management. Originally from the Paris area, I had several recruiting experiences before moving to Brittany, two years ago, when I arrived at Astek. As a Recruitment Officer, I joined Elsa’s team (Astek Recruitment Manager) at the end of 2016 to take charge of recruiting for the Grand Ouest perimeter (at that time, Rennes and Nantes). So I joined Rennes and Vincent’s teams (Department Director). After an intensive year, I was offered the position of Recruitment Coordinator Grand-Ouest Center Bordeaux.

Can you tell a little more about your role and its challenges ?

Today I am supervising two, soon to be three, recruiting officers. The work remains largely operational: I still contribute to the Group’s growth by recruiting future employees, now relying on Anaïs and Juliette, who arrived last January. I also support Managers in their decision-making regarding the recruitment of their employees, by monitoring and implementing the processes initiated. In this context, I am in charge of ensuring the proper application of the Group’s recruitment strategy. I guarantee the quality of recruitments and ensure the achievement of performance objectives. My goal is also to make recruiting teams successful, and I take care of the training of the juniors.

As a Recruitment Coordinator, I am responsible for carrying out the recruitment plan on the perimeter assigned to me, with good development prospects.

What projects are you currently working on?

A large part of my job consists of training new hiring managers, teaching them the recruiting tools of the trade but also transmitting them Astek’s values ​​as well as best practices. One of the major challenges of my position in recent months has been linked to the evolution of recruitment channels. Two years ago, we were recruiting on classic job boards; today, the bulk of our business is going to LinkedIn and maybe tomorrow in other ways. The important thing is to continuously adapt.

Who are you talking to?

The very positive side of the role of Recruitment Coordinator is that it allows me to interact with all the players in the Group.

  • First, with all the recruiting officers. We discuss in particular the candidates interested in the different regions on which they themselves work.
  • I am also in contact with the Management, which defines the recruitment policy and which keeps us at the forefront of innovations in our profession (training, seminars, modern tools, etc.).
  • Managers of Rennes, Nantes, Orléans, Bordeaux and everywhere else in France also include us in their projects and have confidence in our recruitment.
  • Obviously with the corporate functions (HR, Administration, Management) which facilitate the recruitment and integration of new employees.
  • And finally, the consultants: I enjoy following their progress and meeting them at Astek events. In return, they regularly refer very good candidates!

What is your greatest accomplishment at Astek?

I think we have really succeeded in creating a recruitment dynamic in Grand Ouest Center Bordeaux. We have been demanding of ourselves and of the candidates we wanted to recruit. We can be proud of the people we work with and of our accomplishments.

We were recently at a College Job Fair: a client with whom we work came to see us to congratulate us on the technical as well as the human qualities of the Astek employees carrying out one of his projects. There is no better reward.

What satisfaction do you get from your work?

I like to work in the current climate of trust. I appreciate that the Astek projects are carried out in a sophisticated technical and scientific environment, in a particularly dynamic employment pool. Finally, I enjoy working with all of my colleagues on a daily basis; I am convinced that the team spirit that prevails between us is our strength today.