Ecology and its issues are important causes in which Astek is involved!
To affirm its commitment in a sustainable manner, the Group has embarked on a challenge: to create an internal challenge whose results allow the planting of trees in Madagascar.

Since the early 2000s, 13 million hectares of forest have been lost each year, the size of England. This phenomenon, which mainly affects the tropical forest, especially in South America (with the fires in the Amazon in the summer of 2019) and in Africa, has negative consequences on our ecosystem. Such events are currently taking place in Australia with a very strong impact on the local fauna.

In fact, deforestation is the cause of around 27,000 disappearances of animal and plant species each year. Forests are now used to curb the spread of infectious diseases. Their disappearance would weaken human protection against certain diseases.

The reduction of green vegetation also has serious consequences: the lack of water resources, climate change and natural disasters, such as those underway in Australia.

In addition, the forest absorbs the CO2 emanating from the air, so its disappearance will result in a much more toxic air.

Finally, in a snowball effect, the CO2 released contributes to the greenhouse effect and therefore to global warming, which will increase temperatures and can accelerate the phenomena of fire and deforestation.

Faced with this worrying observation, the Astek Group has decided to act and contribute to the reforestation of the planet.

Launched in September 2019, the Greentek challenge aimed to plant as many trees as possible on the island of Madagascar. It was natural for Astek to take action in this developing country where the Group has recently established itself.

Accompanied by the Graine de Vie association, which engages in the reforestation of the tropical forest (via the creation of nurseries with local workers and the restoration of mangroves in many regions of Madagascar), Astek has managed to embark and hire teams of collaborators around this project. Finally, beyond the jobs created on site, the trees planted are fruit trees which will therefore also help the local populations in their daily life.

Motivated and enthusiastic, the employees united to make this challenge a great success during the months of September and October 2019./

A common goal that has made it possible to obtain great results, proof of a lasting commitment:

  • 25,044 trees planted
  • 1 “Astek” nursery created

The Graine de vie association and its project

“Graine de Vie”, initiated in November 2014 by the association Intelligence Verte is a citizen movement for the protection of vegetable and fruit varieties threatened with extinction. The association also appropriates the bases of our food sovereignty for healthy and responsible food.

To achieve this, they train biodiversity ambassadors at the Sainte-Marthe Conservatory and Green Intelligence (organic since 1969). In addition, they deployed an educational program through online videos, free and accessible to all. Finally, they struggle to save and multiply 150 old varieties.

In 2 years, 200 people were trained free of charge in the art of collecting, reproducing and saving traditional seeds of edible plants in order to become self-sufficient for their food.

Quentin, Astek employee, tells us about his participation in the challenge:

I was in a team made up of challengers, people who love challenges. So we really enjoyed playing the game! For my part, I am convinced that launching challenges brings together and creates a very good dynamic. Two years ago we were in partnership with an association fighting against cancer, this year it is with Graine de vie, to fight against deforestation. These environmental or societal issues give us real additional motivation.