Clément joined the Astek teams in Lyon in November 2019. He supports a client as a functional manager: he is the link between the development team and the client in order to build a solution that perfectly meets its needs.

This year, Clément won the COOPDAYS 2020 challenge!

Hello Clement. You came 1st at COOPDAYS 2020, congratulations! Can you tell us more ?

Having joined the Group as soon as I finished my studies, it felt important to me to be the one to now share this opportunity. I knew that co-option was a recruitment axis Astek wanted to focus on throughout the year. When I heard about the annual COOPDAYS competition, I felt boosted: I jumped at the opportunity to be able to highlight the good working conditions and the stability I found at Astek. Even if some of my acquaintances are not actively seeking immediately, the co-option remains a great opportunity to introduce Astek and the opportunities offered!

Thus, I try to learn more about the professional motivations of potential candidates and to better target their research. If their profile is a fit, the rest is natural.

In particular, I co-opted a former classmate. I was confident because we grew up together and went through the same studies. I immediately thought of him because the projects proposed within the Group fit him perfectly. A winning bet: he is now functional manager within Astek!

To see my co-optation proposals come to fruition motivates me even more. I’ll definitively keep on co-opting anytime I have the opportunity, and not only within the framework of COOPDAYS! With this particular period, it is important to be able to help each other and allow young graduates to find a rewarding experience.

Any idea what you’re going to do with the bonus and the gift? 😊

A few months ago, I embarked on a new project, that of buying an apartment in Lyon. So the co-optation bonus and the gift will help me for that. The funniest part is I bought this apartment with my friend that I was able to co-opt. This is the start of a new adventure with Astek but also in a shared apartment!