The environment, a hot topic, is particularly discussed at Astek.

In 2019, the Group acquired its third certification: ISO 14001. With the first two (ISO 9001 and ISO 27001), renewed this year, the company’s commitments are enhanced in terms of quality, safety and the environment.

Astek is aware of sustainable development issues and aims to progress.

In 2019, the Group carried out a structuring project to rationalize, virtualize and outsource servers. It has also chosen to use a host that is mindful of the energy and therefore environmental performance of its data centers. A selective sorting system has been deployed in all of our branches in France.

Our ambition is to reduce our paper consumption thanks, in particular, to the dematerialization of meal vouchers already operated, that of invoicing files if possible and eventually that of pay slips. In addition to these projects, there is new thinking: the creation of a new mobility plan in order to generate more responsible journeys and thus reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, our product design and manufacturing is turning to eco-design and product lifecycle requirements to produce more efficiently. more responsible and limit waste.

These improvements are made for and with employees. They go through a set of small, simple habits: saving water, energy, consuming less or better, moving differently. A set of tips that can transform consumption patterns and better respect our ecosystem.

The Astek Group also supports the personal and committed projects of its employees.

With 2 friends, Tristan, Astek engineer in the Paris region, imagined a responsible project: ECO4TRIP.

Whether with friends, family or as a couple, for a weekend or for several weeks, travel has become synonymous with escape, discovery and rest. Indeed, the figures linked to tourism keep increasing: 1.4 billion international tourists traveled in 2018. But studies also prove it: these desires for elsewhere, more and more accessible, have an impact, rather. harmful to our environment.

Knowing that, the 3 friends created ECO4TRIP: an innovantive concept, allowing to better respec environment during travels.

Through an organized trip, ECO4TRIP will offer a real alternative solution: a responsible adventure, economical in CO2, financially rational and favoring the meeting of local populations.

This project aims to share advice on responsible, ethical and sustainable tourism.

For this, it was built around 3 pillars:

  • Awareness: explain and demonstrate the negative impact that tourism can sometimes have.
  • Demonstration: proving that alternative solutions exist and that traveling in a more responsible manner is within everyone’s reach.
  • Restitution: give meaning to the project by collaborating with town halls, associations, by joining forces with partners, or by raising awareness among the youngest.

Do you want to travel more responsibly? ECO4TRIP gives you some accessible tips to change your habits.

  • Transport: simple actions can “offset” the impact of journeys: favor direct flights, limit the weight of luggage, etc. In addition, it is preferable to favor means of transport that are more respectful of the environment: once there, do not hesitate to take public transport or a bicycle.
  • Tourist activities: there are pocket guides with an ecological and responsible vocation, giving Ecoresponsible addresses and tips to reduce our environmental impact during these activities. For diving, for example, it is recommended to go to a certified company that guarantees respect for the environment; to enjoy a trip at sea, take pleasure on the edge of a simple sailboat, etc.
  • Connected travel: it is obviously very tempting to share your travels with those around you. To reduce the energy consumption generated by these shares, opt instead for the use of “green” and local web servers.
  • Housing: discover FairBnb, a platform connecting individuals and professionals and where 50% of the commissions are donated for local projects. And if you like to meet new people, do not hesitate to sleep with locals by going for example through the CouchSurfing site: local experience guaranteed!