Haguer joined the Astek Group in Ile-de-France in the fall of 2019. After studying optics, and a first project implementing his skills in optics in the aeronautics sector, Haguer discovered the ground transportation sector.

Can you tell us about your professional path?

Following a scientific baccalaureate, I joined the University of Paris VII for a course in physics. From my master’s degree, I started to specialize in optical engineering at UPMC. As part of my studies, I had the opportunity to do several internships in optics, including an R&D internship on lasers. After a first experience in a consulting company which turned out to be disappointing, I had the opportunity to join the Astek Group.

You then worked on a project at Visteon, can you tell us more?

I started my project at Visteon in February 2020. The first contact with the client was very interesting. From my first exchange with him, I immediately knew that the project was going to please me. As a bonus, the possibility of working in a sector that I love: the automotive industry! I am in charge of optical tests for automotive screens. These can be screens like the dashboard or the indicator lights near the steering wheel. I also work with teams on the development of optical measurement benches. This could, for example, be re-adapting a robot, which has not yet been used, so that it is able to perform optical tests. My interventions have evolved a lot in over a year. To my greatest pleasure, I was able to see my scope of action significantly expand!

Do you fell this is an area where women seem well represented

Since the beginning of my studies I have been confronted with the under-representation of women in the field of engineering. The disparity between women and men could turn out to be rather impressive when one entered an amphitheater. So it was not much different once in the automotive sector. However, this has never proved to be problematic for me, I have always easily found my place, both during my internships and during my project at Astek!

How do you imagine the rest of your career?

I would like to start training myself to gain skills in other areas: why not try to touch on scientific areas other than optics!