As part of its skills sponsorship, the Astek Group and its employees support the Centers Reliers association in the deployment of its projects. On the opportunity of the national day against school bullying, the association announces the release of the guide “Children’s illnesses, instructions for use”. A look back at this guide, our support and the participation of our employees.

1 million: this is the number of children victims of bullying each year. While cyberbullying represented 4.1% of different forms of harassment in 2015, it has continued to increase since then and already reached 9% in 2018. 40% of young victims are impacted throughout their lives by post-traumatic consequences.< /p>

Faced with this scourge and its impact on young people, the Centers Reliers association was created to provide support to victims of harassment and help families to better support their children. Awareness sessions, support and discussion groups, individual interviews, guidance group for parents, Centers Reliers uses the same digital world which participates in harassment to divert it and use it to improve the situation of victims and to have a positive impact on society thanks to “Tech for Good”!

Focus on the “Children’s illnesses, instructions for use” guide

Anchored in the desire to have a positive impact on digital technology, the association has dedicated itself since 2022 to the creation of the guide “Children’s illnesses, instructions for use”, a kind of online directory. It’s goal ? To connect health professionals, associations working against harassment or other actors mobilized against suffering, on one side and families of young people looking for any support on the other.

To facilitate relevant contact with professionals, users can target the problem they are facing, their location and the proximity of the municipal, regional or national establishment.

« When thinking about creating this guide, we started from a fairly simple observation: the obsolescence of online directories. In fact, the majority of directories that list professionals are simple files that were created several months or even several years ago. The most important professional information such as their telephone number and address is no longer true and it becomes impossible to contact them. It’s a real problem when we have young people who are in an emergency and who need to be heard and understood, we wanted to provide them with a solution thanks to this guide. » shares Daniel Jasmin, co-founder of the Centers Reliers association. The “Children’s Illnesses, Instructions for Use” guide therefore uses digital advances to offer automatically updated information from links created with professional sites.​

Astek, a key partner in the creation of this guide

Centres Reliers is a member of the Great Cause “How to protect children against all forms of violence? » and benefits from the support of companies committed to society including Astek, engaged through its skills sponsorship for the creation of the guide “Children’s illnesses, instructions for use”.

At Astek, skills sponsorship allows employees to use their technical expertise on projects that are important to them. For almost a year and a half, 7 Group employees worked on the construction of this guide, a work which is now online and which continues to evolve.

Development of an application in Vue.JS, data hosting on a headless CMS, it is thanks to each of our collaborators and their skills that Astek was able to best support the association in its project. Thanks to different search scripts on the web, and soon thanks to artificial intelligence, the information updated on the sites of professional partners is automatically added to the guide.

Eric, consultant within the Astek Group and main contributor to Centers Relier, shares his experience. « I had been supporting the association for more than a year when Daniel planned to put online on the association’s website a catalog of organizations that could help with the situations of children who present with disorders or problems caused in particular by harmful actions against them.

Daniel presented the project, with lots of ideas, always very “challenging” and positive, which makes Centers Relier a dynamic and constantly evolving association.

Through the almost continuous support for the association that my position at Astek allows me, I represent above all the insurance of a certain continuity of technical project management. Astek’s contributors to this project were numerous: Raymond, Thibaut, Arnaud, Jonathan, and today Emmanuel, Ségolène and Victor…

Alongside this development, I provide support and technical advice, particularly around the website, the appointment reservation system, and the specific conference solution which allow the association to implement the exchange groups between young people that its psychologists support.

Let us also thank Lucie who contributes to the good development of the association with her work on her CRM. »