Coaching – Management Training

A management trained to best support our employees

PBecause proximity is one of our values and supporting our employees is at the heart of our HR policy, CARE, the Group invests massively in the training of its managers.

Upon arrival, each manager is assigned a coach and joins the Boost training program to best fulfill their supervisory role. The manager follows 3 modules adapted to his development path.

BOOST Onboarding


Managing your BU and consultants

BOOST Projects

Sales and project management

BOOST Coaching

From “managing yourself” to managing others

BOOST Coaching

The Boost Coaching module is entirely focused on team management: from issues to tools, including working on yourself to understand your management style and areas of improvement.

From “managing yourself”
to managing others

  • Introduction
  • The 3 dimensions of management
  • Leadership & Management
  • The 6 Management challenges
  • Who am I?
    • My management style
    • My fleeing attitudes
    • My image
  • Day by day Management
    • Getting a collaborator on board
    • Succeeding in your weekly points
    • Congratulating, reprimanding, evaluating
    • Managing conflicts