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Do you want to join a growing group, an essential partner for industrial, telecom and tertiary players? Come and carry out design and development projects for products and services. Share the adventure of global player in engineering and technology consulting, present worldwide and “Let’s move forward!” ✨

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Carrying out your end-of-study internship within Astek means evolving in an environment dedicated to learning and development. Our Group enthusiastically welcomes students from engineering schools or universities spread across France.

Once again this year, our teams are mobilized to welcome you as part of your end-of-study internship, a key step in preparing your entry into the professional world.

During these 6 months, your internship supervisor coaches you on a daily basis to give you a formative and enriching experience both technically and humanely.

Whatever your background, from technology to management, the Group offers a whole range of end-of-study internships. Depending on your preferences and the internship opportunities we offer, your internship will allow you to complete your knowledge and know-how, to discover the different aspects of our professions, to join dynamic and friendly teams, to flourish in the fields that you want to approach in your early career and potentially join us full-tile at the end of the internship.

Are you passionate about new technologies (cloud, digital, cybersecurity), engineering (software, electronics, systems) or attracted to management? We offer more than 100 internships each year throughout France.

Among these, there is the internship that suits you and awaits you.

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Work-study contracts

We propose to integrate in apprenticeship, in different functions within the Group, students who wish to enrich their career and put their know-how into practice.

Your apprenticeship training allows you to continue your studies while being a Group employee, in complementarity between the theoretical teaching of the school and the concrete application within Astek.

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International Volunteering

Join us for an enriching global experience!

Why International Volunteering at Astek?

At Astek, we allow young graduates to work abroad in a French company. International Corporate Volunteering (VIE) is an exciting opportunity for young talents wishing to explore the international professional world.

Astek supports VIEs with solid supervision, promoting professional and personal development.

This is a unique opportunity to combine Astek’s technological expertise with international cultural and professional experience.

The Advantages of International Volunteering at Astek:

  • Professional Enrichment: Work on challenging projects that have real impact on a global scale.
  • Personal Development: Acquire intercultural skills and strengthen your adaptability in an international environment.
  • Global Network: Connect with professionals around the world and expand your professional network.

Volunteering Destinations:

Belgium: Explore the heart of Europe and take part in innovative engineering projects in a multicultural environment.

Dubai: Immerse yourself in the excitement of the city of Dubai while contributing to world-class engineering projects.

Poland: Discover Poland’s rich history while collaborating with local experts.

Canada: Live the unique experience of volunteering in Canada, by contributing to innovative projects in a country recognized for its excellence in engineering.

Netherlands: Immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere of the Netherlands.

Spain: Experience the warm culture of Spain while working on innovative engineering projects in an inspiring setting.

Sweden: Immerse yourself in Sweden’s innovative environment and contribute to cutting-edge engineering projects.

How to Participate:

  • Apply: View our international volunteer opportunities on our careers page and apply for available positions in the destinations of your choice.
  • Interview: Once your application is accepted, you will be invited to an interview where we will discuss your motivations and your expectations.
  • Assignment: If selected, you will be assigned to an international project corresponding to your skills and professional aspirations.

If you are between 18 and 28 years old, join us on this global adventure and help shape a better future!

At Astek, we believe in the power of global talent to solve the most complex engineering challenges.