Profession – Technical Training

A rich and continuous
training offer adapted to everyone

Since expertise is at the heart of our business, the Group promotes continuous training and skills development through an intensive training policy. Freedom, flexibility, and quality are the three watchwords of our training offer to allow everyone to access training, regardless of their situation.
Online training, certifications, technical articles, following research and development projects, there are numerous tools to develop your knowledge.
  • Free access digital training
  • Internal technical training provided by our Astek experts
  • External training provided by certified organizations:
    • Technical: Java, Python, C++, Embedded, Cloud / DevOps, Kubernetes, Angular, Microcontroller…
    • Management / project management: Agile Scrum, PSPO, Prince2, PNP…
    • Soft skills: desktop tools, languages, etc.
  • Certifications or certifying training
  • Practical soft skills workshops, led by HR
  • Technical meetups

Whether it is to train consistently with new missions, for the long-term (reskilling) or simply to develop one’s soft and interpersonal skills, our training offer aims to be diversified and adapted to everyone: short or long, face-to-face or customized digital, and adapted to your pace of life. With one goal: for everyone to benefit!