Conviviality, Achievement, Recognition and Evolution are the essential values ​​embodied by the HR policy of the Astek Group. This CARE policy serves as a compass to guarantee the well-being and development of our employees throughout their careers. We explore each stepping stones of this policy and share inspiring stories from those who live it every day.

Conviviality: The key to well-being

Because above all we share a human adventure, creating a bond is essential! Good humor, entertainment, meetings, exchanges, we promote proximity from your first day with us!

Marie-Charlotte, head of the People & Culture explains that « today’s world often highlights the importance of human relations: it is a real concern for the employer and employees to be in a society where life is good, where professional and personal development are equally important. Conviviality is therefore one of the keys on which the Astek Group has always wished to focus, through local events for example, and to strengthen since the implementation of the CARE policy. The objective is to come together to share moments of discussion, laughter and smiles, while being in a conducive and warm environment.

The creation of a team of Hapiness Officers throughout the national territory also strengthens this positioning of the Group, this desire to “live together” and thus enable us to adhere to our values ​​and our commitments.

Who says Work, also says Conviviality!

Since its creation, Astek has strived to implement it throughout the careers of our employees within the Group. »

Accomplishment: Professional Fulfillment

Because we want to give everyone the opportunity to flourish at work, we offer you a pleasant environment and suitable conditions within a responsible corporate citizenship.

Accomplishment within Astek is a reality that Marc, service center manager, can speak about: « I had just graduated when I arrived at Astek. However, I was immediately given a demanding project which allowed me to learn very quickly. Once this first project was completed, my manager always made sure that I could develop in areas of expertise in which I could flourish. Fan of aeronautics, I had the opportunity to work with big names in the sector, on projects relating to the Rafale, A350, B787… In addition to this sectoral development, the confidence I was granted allowed me to gain skills by becoming a project manager and therefore to have a managerial role on European and international client projects.

Obviously, I have always been supported and trained so that my various evolutions within the Group would go as smoothly as possible.

Finally, my experience and these many years at Astek testify to the confidence that was given to me, to an evolution that was possible by taking into account my aspirations, my skills, and by supporting me when it was necessary to help me progress. I think that accomplishment comes through all of that! »

Recognition: Valuing talent

Because being recognized at its true value is essential, we value your talent, your initiatives and your daily work, in an approach of fairness and equality.

Within the Astek Group, recognition is at the center of the corporate culture. Léa, telecommunications project manager, is a living example of this pillar. « When I arrived at Astek after completing my studies in 2019, I worked with Orange as level 3 support. A year later, and despite my young age, I was already working as a project manager within the support team to which I belonged. If I owe this evolution to my perseverance in my work, I also owe it a lot to my manager and the Astek teams who recognized my potential, who had confidence in me and and in my desire to do well. They also offered me extensive support to make this development a success.

In September 2022, we took another step within Astek’s support and my feeling of recognition; Astek presented my application for the Women in Industry Awards and allowed me to be nominated in the “Woman with promising beginnings” category. These different stages of my journey allow me to progress quickly and feel accomplished in my daily professional life! »

Evolution: Growing with Astek

Because we want to enable everyone to create a unique career path, we encourage skills development and offer broad development prospects to support you in the path that suits you.

Professional development at Astek is a reality that is manifested in various inspiring testimonials. Souhail, Sector Manager Aerospace & Defense, is a striking example. He shares with us his development journey within the Group.

« My career within Astek reflects how professional development within the company can be rewarding. In the space of two years, I had the chance to go through different stages. It all started when I joined Astek as a consultant, then I felt a strong desire to progress and discover the commercial field. I took the opportunity to become a Resources Manager and was able to broaden my skills and responsibilities by participating in calls for tenders, for example.

This allowed me to quickly rise through the ranks, and in just six months, the company trusted me and offered me the opportunity to take on the role of Sector Manager for the Aerospace, Defense & ; Security. My journey reflects the culture of constant evolution at Astek, where each milestone reached opens the way to new and rewarding opportunities. »

Astek’s CARE policy is one of the building blocks of the Group’s commitments to its employees, encouraging conviviality, accomplishment, recognition and the evolution of its employees. Each of the pillars of this policy is anchored in Astek’s culture, creating a unique work environment that encourages well-being, professional development and personal growth; leading to the achievement of employees within the Group. The testimonies of collaborators such as Marie-Charlotte, Marc, Léa, Souhail and many others, highlight the success of the CARE policy and the way in which it is truly lived on a daily basis.

For us, the development of our employees is an absolute priority, and this commitment contributes greatly to our continued success as a company. The CARE policy shows that each stage of each of our employees’ careers is an opportunity to grow, succeed and feel valued. The policy embodies the soul of the company, where the well-being of employees is at the heart of its success. At Astek, the future is promising, driven by a policy that takes care of its employees while encouraging them to achieve their full potential.